5 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Woodmere Ideas

It may be easy to think kitchen remodeling projects as costly affairs courtesy of all the flashy model kitchen photos on the web. But it is very possible to do kitchen remodeling in Woodmere for an affordable price and still have a lovely kitchen. A simple job will actually add value to the overall value of your home. There are several affordable kitchen remodeling ideas that the home renovation experts at KentStruction recommend.

Fresh Paint

The humidity and heat in the kitchen make the paint age and fade faster than in the rest of the house. A fresh coat of paint will spruce up the kitchen, making it brighter. Try out different colors on the cabinetry and the walls for better visual appeal. You can accent parts of the kitchen using trend colors. Neutral colors are suggested as a background to different décor styles. For the kitchen, washable paint is advisable to clean off occasional grease stains.

Cabinetry Makeover

Adding crown moldings on the top edges of kitchen cabinets often gives them a classier look. Accenting the molding can be done using a trend color. Cabinet doors that have become dented, faded and scratched over the years can be given a makeover by sanding, smoothing and repainting.

New Countertops

Replacing old countertops will alter the look of a kitchen significantly. Popular materials to lay as countertops include PVC laminates, quartz, marble and granite.

New Faucets and Sink

Replacing old brass faucets with shiny chrome ones and a new aluminium sink will give the area a clean clinical look. Ideally, you should change the sink and the faucets at the same time to match the rate of drainage.

Change Lighting

A brightly lit kitchen looks warmer and more sanitized. Rope lights are often aesthetical without sacrificing functionality. Kids and guests who are not familiar with the layout of the kitchen can use them without having to switch on the overhead light. Puck lights under the cabinets also help navigate through a dark kitchen.

Racks on the Wall

A rack on the wall creates more space by providing hanging crockery. You can accent the wall with a trend color to make it more eye-catching. Home renovation experts say that these simple kitchen remodeling in Woodmere jobs can make a positive visual change. Having a respectable residential construction contractor on a kitchen remodeling project is always advised. KentStruction is a reputable contractor who has been handling kitchen remodeling since 1981. The company is a Certified Kitchen Remodeler operating in Nassau, Suffolk Counties and the 5 boroughs. You can trust KentStruction.

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