One of the most satisfying aspects of our job is seeing an idea turn into reality. This all starts with a picture, then architectural drawings, then structural blue prints. Any chance we can, we use our own architect because being heavily involved in the design process greatly increases the overall success of the project in the end. Having many meetings between the homeowner and architect are important to design the correct project that suits the needs of the homeowner. Sometimes ideas on paper do not work in the field. By keeping the contractor involved in the design process, a great idea can evolve into a beautifully finished and practical alteration. The contractor can provide real world experience of what works and what doesn’t.

Carpet Cleaning

Kentstruction also provides carpet cleaning services, using only the best Rug Doctor machines and chemicals. It’s always a surprise when the homeowner sees the dirt and grime that was embedded in their carpet. They are also very surprised at how well our machines work. After the cleaning is done, carpets will look new and smell fresh for a long time to come.

Custom Paint Spraying

Kentstruction provides many different types of painting work. We do custom spray painting of doors, mouldings & mantles. We have spray painted even 80 year old radiator covers after they have been sand blasted and have had amazing results. Beside the fine spray painting work, Kentstruction specializes in large scale painting projects. We have the equipment and man power to get your large office or entire home painted. We also do standard roller and brush painting. Painting is a large part of our business and one thing we have learned in 30 years of business is that paint & equipment quality make a big difference. Benjamin Moore is a top quality paint which is now available in no VOC – that means no harmful chemicals being breathed in by you or your children. We always make suggestions but go with the customer’s request. We’ve used various paints in the past, like Glidden, Valspar, Olympic, Behr, etc.

Custom Trimwork

Kentstruction specializes in custom trim work and moulding. Installing new door casings, crown or base mouldings will spruce up the look of any room. We can also install library panels, wainscoting or picture frames on any wall to enhance any plain wall. A coffered ceiling can bring your dining experience to the next level or bring that old world craftsmanship to any room or home. A unique properly proportioned moulding design can add beauty and elegance to any plain room. We use all type of materials, such as: oak, poplar, ash, pine, MDF (medium density fiberboard). Many millworks are used in acquiring the trim, such as: Old Would Moulding, Dykes, Hudson River Mills to name a few. We can also match existing mouldings in your older home if needed.


Decks are simple but reliable way to add value to your home and convenience to your day-to-day itinerary. Of course, it’s critical to select a reputable, licensed, bonded and insured home improvement contracting provider. At Kentstruction, each deck project begins with a foundation that is built to code and built to endure the elements and withstand all manner of wear-and-tear.  “Built to code” is not just a saying but a reality, it is a standard set by industry professionals that dictate the best ways to build. 


Kentstruction specializes in installing all types of interior & exterior doors: Thermatru, Pella, Marvin, Jeld-wen and Andersen are just some of the quality brands we like to use to improve the comfort & beauty of your home. We can supply & install wood doors, fiberglass, steel or even commercial doors. We are knowledgeable in doors available and can provide insight into what is the best door for your situation & budget. A popular quality door for some one interested in a new door but on a fixed budget is an Andersen PS6 sliding door. Here is a door that will last over 20 years, operates very well and has an excellent warranty. We would suggest to someone interested in a custom wood interior door with a little more style that they use a Marvin Ultimate Arch Top French door. Using this door will give your home more of a unique custom look.

Dormers & Second Floors

Kentstruction has specialized in taking the wasted space that is in the typical Cape Cod house and turned that into well needed living space. Many times we have changed a two-bedroom Cape into a four bedroom with master and hall bath. Sometimes our clients just need more storage space and we can get them expanded closets out over a garage or rear den without much effort at all.


Kentstruction performs all phases of electrical services from upgrading your existing electrical service down to changing a few outlets & switches. We also install recessed lighting, ceiling fans, ceiling fixtures & track lighting. An inexpensive upgrade for your home is changing your old standard switches to décora style and installing GFCI protected outlets in your kitchen & bathroom. To save energy we can install dimmer switches in place of your standard switches. A central reprogrammable control center, LED lighting and programmable thermostat are also ways to save money.

Finished basements

Finishing your basement is the most cost efficient way to gain quality square footage in your home. Finishing your basement is about 1/3 the cost of an extension or addition and can be designed to meet your exact needs. The days of people thinking of basements as moist, dark, dingy areas is over. The addition of French drains, better ventilation systems and egress windows (help you exit in an emergency and let sunshine into the basement) will give any basement an entirely different feel. Give the kids a clean new playroom, give yourself that always wanted home theater room, a guest room, even an apartment while increasing the value of your home at the same time. In today’s economy, getting the most for your money is key and if your home has the advantage of having a basement then take advantage now. Don’t forget here at Kentstruction, doing a basement from scratch is only about 50% of the basements we do as the other 50% are existing finished basements that need updating and modernizing.

Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your floors is a great way to bring you old floor back to life. After the process is complete the floors will look almost brand new and this is a very cost effective project for someone on a budget. If you want to change the floor color to go with a new home décor it is possible to go from light to dark or dark to light or stay within the middle of the color spectrum- here anything is possible. This is a project where expectations are always exceeded because the finished project is so beautiful and the cost is so reasonable.

Handyman Services

Our long time motto is: “No job is too big or too small for Kentstruction” – we pride ourselves on sticking to our motto. With Kentstruction’s new handyman division you can hire a carpenter by the hour to do all those little odd and end jobs that have been building up around the house. Need to install a few new door knobs or adjust some doors because they are sticking no problem. Need new weather stripping or caulking outside, no problem. Now you have the one stop company that does it all hassle free and reasonably priced.

Home Inspections

Kentstruction specializes in home inspections for new home buyers & sellers. Traditional home inspectors come to your house in a car, they do not climb on the roof and they do not go into crawl spaces. Many other things they don’t do that we do to make sure you know what you’re getting into before you purchase the home. Maybe after a thorough inspection you may decide with this new knowledge that the home needs more work than you originally anticipated. Fifty per cent of the homes we work on are homes that were just purchased and usually the seller tries to disclose as little as possible. Before you purchase the (MONEY PIT- we’ve all seen that movie), know what you’re getting into from a qualified inspector. With all this being said there is another great reason why using us is more beneficial to you as we can provide you with a detailed estimate on what the home needs and the work you would like to do. This will be saving you time and will eliminate the middle man.

Interior Design

With over 30 years of building experience we have gained great insight in to what types of floor plan layouts work and are up to modern standards. Drawing the new floor plan in CAD (computer aided design) software will give you a visual 2D and 3D perspective in viewing your new homes design. Besides letting you see it before it is built, it makes making changes simple before the building starts. This virtually eliminates doing things twice and saves time and money.

Lead Testing

We can now check to see if your old windows, or painted walls and other areas are contaminated with lead paint. Lead being present can harmfully affect young children and pregnant women. Almost all homes built before 1978 contained some kind of lead or asbestos substance that can be harmful if not taken care of properly. Kentstruction is a government EPA lead safe remodeler and has been trained in properly containing and disposing of harmful materials.


Masonry, Stone & Brick

We do all phases of masonry work including foundations, slabs and footings. We also do decorative masonry work like: brick veneer, cultured stone, and paving stones. We do interior and exterior masonry work. We can install brick on the exterior of your home and we can also go over why cultured stone may be a more reasonable option than real brick. Interior brick and stone work is popular around fireplaces and mantles.

Mother-Daughter Conversions

It is becoming quite popular to alter a garage, finish the basement, add to the rear or add to the second floor for mom and dad to stay in their golden years. The expense of living is so high on Long Island that by doing a Mother-Daughter conversion you can remain here and live more economically. We here at Kentstruction can plan and design the most effective use of space possible. We can do this from having over 3 decades of experience.


Kentstruction provides all plumbing services from getting the plumbing permits for your new kitchen or bathroom renovation to just installing a new faucet we can complete all your plumbing needs without the hassle of calling multiple people and going through the added headaches. By added headaches for example, a plumber will come in chop open the walls fix the broken pipes and complete his plumbing work and then leave. Then it will be up to you go find someone to repair the sheetrock or plaster fix the framing, spackle and paint. With all the added stress and probably a higher cost in the end why not just call one person and get the entire job done. You can be safe at work or going through your daily routine knowing your job is getting done. 

Power Washing

Kentstruction specializes in bringing beauty back into dirty or worn materials. We can power wash decks, houses, fences and about anything that now contains mold or dirt. Driveways, walkways and patios are all great candidates for this service. It is inexpensive and the end result is exceptional.

Sand Blasting

Kentstruction provides in our shop or on site sandblasting services. Refinish those old heat covers, refinish that old wrought iron railing. We can also restore car parts and antiques; anything that needs sandblasting. Sandblasting is also great to remove graffiti off brick or stone. Don’t assume that spray paint won’t come off, it will! Stripping metals down to the bare metal with sandblasting is the best way to refinish something.


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Kentstruction is a certified Velux Skylight installer. You can view this on the ‘Velux Skylight’ website. Going through this certification process not only teaches us how to install Velux skylights using the manufacturers standards and suggestions but by being a certified installer the manufacturer’s warranty is guaranteed. Going through these installation courses gives us great insight into installing all brands of skylights: Insula-dome, Thermo-Vu, Lynbrook, Wasco, etc. We learned the best ways to properly seal the skylights to prevent leaks for many years. We have also learned the correct skylight placement since skylights are more prone to leaks under certain circumstances and when placed in certain locations. We also install the popular Velux Sun Tube which brings light into the home saving on energy and helping you to do your part to remodel “green”.


Kentstruction installs all types of tile, stone, marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, glass and in many patterns. We will design a tile pattern unique to every bathroom we do by using the customer’s ideas & our own experience to make each tile installation unique. We install tile in square patterns, diagonal patterns, brick joint patterns and we usually add deco tile with mosaic borders to bring the entire bathroom to life. Designing your tile patterns can be one of the most enjoyable experiences when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. This is the first thing that is going to “pop out” when you show your friends and family your new bathroom. It is something you are going to want to be proud of and so do we.



Kentstruction provides welding services here at our shop or on site. Don’t throw away useful equipment that can be welded and repaired.


Kentstruction has been installing windows for over 35 years and we have mastered the installation process. We install Andersen, Marvin, Pella, Simonton, Certainteed, Jeld-wen and all other major brand windows available to suit your exact window needs. We are also knowledgeable in all the available window styles and can make educated suggestions for what window style will suit the location the best: casement, double hung, awning, transom, picture, etc. We are also a certified Marvin Window installer and use only the highest quality installation materials. All of our windows are installed using a rubber membrane material that: seals the new window in place and guarantees there will be no leaks at the point of installation.