5 Mistakes In Bathroom Remodeling

It’s easy for an inexperienced contractor to make costly mistakes when performing a bathroom remodeling job. One needs the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. There are a few major mistakes to avoid when remodeling a bathroom.

Buying Online Blindly

Going through different remodeling sites, it is easy to get carried away by the numerous pictures of glamorous bathrooms. Just because a lime green quartz countertop looks fabulous in a model bathroom does not mean it will work for you. It is important to verify materials and products physically before deciding.

Ignoring Water Usage Needs

Vanity showerheads and faucets are quite aesthetical, making a bold statement in the bathroom. However, they waste plenty of water. The huge volumes of water used places higher demands on the heating system. You will be looking forward to higher energy bills, if not buying a new heating system.

Inexpensive Materials

There are many cheap materials on the market, mostly of Chinese origin. Avoid these poor-quality materials, such as water fixtures. After all, they are likely to break down fast. But these materials can be safely used where they will not come into contact with water, like on indoor walls and floors. It is possible to have good looking and quality materials without breaking the budget. An afternoon with an interior decorator will give you plenty of affordable ideas.

DIY Approach

Home renovation pros claim that a Do-It-Yourself approach in bathroom remodeling is almost guaranteed to fail. While it is possible to apply what can be found on YouTube, plumbing systems are much more challenging than they look. You will need a plumber with the right skills and tools for the job. It is also a job for more than one pair of hands if it involves extensive remodeling.

Rushing the Job

Do not rush the job just because there are guests to impress by a certain date. Rushing a remodeling job will lead to poor workmanship, oversights and eventually high costs to replace fixtures installed incorrectly. Let the right contractor, like Kentstruction, work at a reasonable pace.

A bathroom remodeling project is best handled by an experienced residential construction contractor. Kentstruction is the professional contractor who has been in operation since 1981. If you are doing home renovation, Kentstruction will capably handle it. They are fully licensed and insured to operate in Nassau, Suffolk County and the 5 boroughs. You can request for a reference from their long list of over 500 customers.

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