Home Inspections

Kentstruction for Home Inspections.

Kentstruction specializes in home inspections for new home buyers & sellers. Traditional home inspectors come to your house in a car, they do not climb on the roof and they do not go into crawl spaces. Many other things they don’t do that we do to make sure you know what you’re getting into before you purchase the home. Maybe after a thorough inspection you may decide with this new knowledge that the home needs more work than you originally anticipated. Fifty per cent of the homes we work on are homes that were just purchased and usually the seller tries to disclose as little as possible. Before you purchase the (MONEY PIT- we’ve all seen that movie), know what you’re getting into from a qualified inspector. With all this being said there is another great reason why using us is more beneficial to you as we can provide you with a detailed estimate on what the home needs and the work you would like to do. This will be saving you time and will eliminate the middle man.

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