Thank you for all the work you have done at our house in Bayside, NY. We are very pleased with everything your crew has done, and we have only praise for your company.

Dear Kent:

One of the wisest decisions we ever made when we selected Kentstruction to design and construct our most beautiful deck with a hot tub in our backyard.

Under your watchful eye and trained guidance your skillful, well-organized staff worked with great precision. The crew worked cleanly and efficiently, paying attention to even the smallest details. They worked on schedule with ease at their skilled craft. Everyone was so very accommodating and cooperative. It was a pleasure (and quite a unique experience) having all this work done with no problems…no aggravation!

The finished deck and hot tub has received many compliments from our family, friends and neighbors. It is a source of pleasure to us and we look forward to the enjoyment of using it in the future.

Thank you, Kent, for a wonderful stress-free, worry-free, headache-free construction experience. A special “Thank You” to Bruce and Eban…Thanks guys for everything!

Mr. Kent Buell, President,
18 Robinson Avenue
Medford, NY 11763

Dear Mr. Kent Buell,

During the past year, you and your company played an important role in helping Marcia and I expand our house in preparation for our third child Brett Ross. From light fixtures to heating systems and actual construction, all of you worked together as a team in putting this project from paper to reality in time for Brett’s arrival.

All of your employees that were involved were craftsmen in their own speciality and worked with all other team players when it was necessary.

I personally always try to do business with companies and people that help me and my family; as I am sure you do when you need help. Please keep it in mind when it comes to investments, perhaps for retirement or children’s education etc., Smith Barney Shearson and I would be happy to help you and your employees.

Mr. Kent Buell, President,
18 Robinson Avenue
Medford, NY 11763

Dear Kent:

Thank you for doing such a beautiful job rebuilding and expanding our home.

Everyone who enters comments on the quality of the work. More importantly, I know that everything was done right and shortcuts were not taken. It was a pleasure to work with you over all these months. Eben is a great foreman to work with; he had great suggestions and helped tremendously in the planning and execution of all the details.

Once again, Thank you for all the work.

Dear Kent:

Your concern and patience with our perfectionism was apparent and we look forward to using you again in the future. We’ll continue to recommend you to our neighbors.

Take care!

Dear Kent:

Glenn & I want to thank you for a fabulous job on our house.

We truly appreciate all that you have done for us.

We look forward to seeing you in the very near future

Regards to Bruce.

Dear Kent:

I want to thank you sincerely for the way you handled the problem at my home in Woodmere. The construction was very well done in 1989, and we have been extremely happy with the way the job has held up.

As you know, this summer we developed a leak which we ultimately discovered was due to a minor plumbing problem. Not only did you respond promptly even after seven years had past, but you took care of the problem in a manner that was so honorable and gentlemanly that I still am astounded. You are truly a rare human being in today’s world of irresponsibility and lack of integrity. Your pride in your work and workmanship is evident and is further witnessed by your willingness to stand behind your product even after a long period of time.

Again, it is with tremendous gratitude that I write this letter and commend you for your sense of responsibility, integrity, and the high level and quality of your work. Rest assured that any construction I ever do in any residence that I should live in on Long Island will be in your hands.

Thank you again.


Suffolk County: 631-654-0233

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